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Product first. We support the creation of startups, from The Problem to the MVP.

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Building a venture efficiently,

right from the start.

As a startup you are confronted with an endless amount of tasks, whereby you have almost no resources except your time. We offer operational support and practical guidance, putting the product first.

What you get

Better products, faster.

How it works.

We don’t need a „Business Plan“ and your „3 biggest strengths and weaknesses“ #bullshit. These are the 3 steps you will go through:

  1. Application: For your application we just need your teams CV’s and the market you want to approach. If there is a fit, we will invite you to lunch and try to better understand the problem you want to solve. That’s it.
  2. Phase I: If your application is successful, we will work together for 1-2 weeks, and make sure, that your concept is valid and understandable. We will go through our design sprint and testing. After Phase I, you will have validated Problem-Solution-Fit.
  3. Phase II: If we reached Problem-Solution Fit, we will hands-on support and guide you to build a market ready NVP within 4-12 weeks. 

In return, we want to team up with you (equity) – you can „buy us out“ anytime for a reasonable amount.

Happy life.

We focuses on ventures that enable others to live a healthy life. From health tech to med tech to fitness to nutrition. Reach out now!

Apply as a startup-team

About us

Our team is built of founders with experience in hardware companies, software companies, B2B companies and B2C companies. 

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