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We build ventures product first.

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Our approach

Building a venture is tough, sexy, exhausting, funny, annoying, complex, time-consuming, a team-effort, lonely, challenging, creative, rewarding and frankly the best thing you will ever do.

Succeeding and failing will be your everyday life – making mistakes will be 80% of what you do. Just make sure, to learn from every single one of those mistakes. We have been through most of what you will experience, so our job is to tell you about our mistakes and provide guidance every step of the way.

Our background

After starting several companies ourselves or supporting others, we want to offer a new, lean approach to startups. Establishing a new mentality, when building hightech startups, to make the process more individual, efficient and fun. Great startups need great passion – passion goes hand in hand with fun.

Our team

Besides our experience as entrepreneurs, all of us have been working as mentors and advisors for startups for many years. From working in corporate bootcamps like Burda Bootcamp to the European Space Agencies on accelerator to public institutions like Universities, our background is always focussed on early stage ventures.

Moritz Theis

Product designer – Moritz has his background in electrical engineering as well as entrepreneurship. Designing a PCB, finding a supplier and run the first software on it quickly, is what he is good at. A hands-on engineer.

His passion is in designing products from concept to prototype. He will challenge every idea and help to focus on the core values and the „Job to be done“. No matter if design, software, hardware – speed is his biggest skill.

Here you can find his professional CV: linkedin.com/mt

Benedikt Seitz

Product marketer – Benedikt has his background in mechanical engineering, medical engineering, bio-inspired robotics and nano-technology. He started his first entrepreneurial projects in 2010 and focused on creating visions, missions and digital marketing concepts ever since. Keeping the bigger picture and creatively accelerating them is what he does best.

Building things and teaching upcoming entrepreneurs is what he learned, everywhere he went. With over 8 years in the entrepreneurship ecosystem, he might have seen similar problems that you will be facing.

Here you can find his professional CV: linkedin.com/bs

Maximilian Gloel

Teams strategist – Maximilian has his background in technology oriented management. He supported small startups as well as global ventures in setting up strategies, teams and most of all a functional operational team. Creating tools to manage projects, strategies and tools to make decisions easier is what he has learned.

Some call him „coach“ because motivating and shaping people is what he can do best. A real pain in the ass until your company is killing it out there.

Here you can find his professional CV: linkedin.com/mg

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