Due diligence for early stage investments.

We are providing insights to Business Angels, by supporting the startup’s creation process.

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Verify the market and the chances of placing a new product.

As a Business Angel, you are usually limited to your gut instinct when investing into inspiring founders . We provide a 2-phase due diligence service, to evaluate the team, the market, the targeted problem and the chances of placing a new product.



Everyone in our team has gone through this before. The most critical part when starting a company is focussing on the right things and building an efficient and effective team. Testing and continuous reduction & adjustment is key. We hands-on support this process and guide young founders. 

Our fee is around 4.5% of your investment sum per month.

Our expertise: We focuses on ventures that enable others to live a healthy life. From health tech to medical tech to fitness to nutrition. Feel free to contact us no matter if startup or investor.

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